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Our Practice

At Dr. Costa's Concierge Family Practice, offer personal family medicine, with same or next day availability, direct cellphone access, longer appointments, little to no waiting and facilitating and coordinating care with specialists.  Dr. Costa's experience in athletics and bodybuilding and his experience having owned and operated a natural health store before becoming a family physician uniquely qualify him to offer expert advice in nutritional counseling, excercise and weightloss treatment and counseling, natural supplements and alternative treatment consultations.  


A key benefit members enjoy is Dr. Costa's physical exam, covering the following 10 concepts and systems:


Dermatology exam identifying excema, psoriasis, fungus of the nails or skin, contact dermatitis, assess changes in moles, and remove skin tags if requested


Podiatry screening for bunions, callouses, corns, worts, ingrown toenails, neuropathies, foot and toenail fungus.


Cardiology exam facilitating and reviewing EKG, Cat scan of the heart calcium score, echocardiogram, screening for murmurs.


Orthopedic, evaluation and treatment of many common orthopedic issues such as  arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, injections in joints for arthritis, drainage of bursitis, osteopathic manipulation, injections for calcific tendonitis and bursitis.


A thorough opthalmology exam ruling out common conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, astigmatism and macular degeneration.



If female: Gynecology, facilitate complying with Dexascan guidelines and mammograms and pap smears, check hormone levels and administer treatment if necessary.  


If male, screening for prostate and testicular abnormalities, check hormone levels and administer treatment if necessary, treatment and evaluation of erectile dysfunction.



Pulmonary, examination of lungs for asthma, COPD, and nodules.



Neurology, evaluation and assessment for dementia, Parkinson's Disease, ADHD, headaches and neurological special needs.



Mental health, evaluation and treatment of depression and anxiety and support with overcoming life challenges.

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